Sunday, March 11, 2007

Some People you just can't reach ......

So you get what we have here today....

Life here lately has been turbulent, and things are busy.

We have caught some bad guys, and not been able to keep them due to lack of evidence, which I guess is a good thing. However, that frees them to do more bad things. Living in a civilized world, or rather bringing civilized standards to a war zone has interesting implications, most of which I won't go into now.

I guess I will just say, No one has been hurt it has been anouther good week or two.

Also, for those of you who are or have sent things in the mail, and might be concidering doing so again in the future. Thank you for your efforts, but now Please hold the mail. It has taken far to long for things to arrive in country to my location and I have no faith that I will actually receive things sent after this point. Again thank you for sending what you have to date, I still have some things to get out to other folks.


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