Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Always time for learning

Just a short note, still alive in 07, not a good campaign slogan, but I think it worked for someone in 05. Or was that 95? anyway.

We have had the blogstorm lately, There is a way to register your blog with the powers that be, in order to avoid having brimstone and fire rain down upon you. I have long since advised the PAO of my Task Force of my address and what not, but again the excitement has been higher here about blogs for a while.

This may shock you, but many soldiers don't understand why anyone would sit down and write what they think about events.

Among the things I have learned is that there is an entire world of bloggers out there, many of whom I will link to in the future for your reading pleasure. Also I have learned that I write pretty much in my own voice, meaning the way I think and talk.

There are those out there who write in a very engaging manner, some of whom I wish I wrote as well as. Short point on this is as follows: I could probably learn to improve my prose, I am sure I could improve my punctuation......

Anyway, it is a sunny day here, no one that I know of has been injured in a while, which is a big bonus, and tomorrow is one day closer to heading home to the family. That is always good.

Talk with you later


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Josh said...

Blogging really is an amazing tool and I have come to enjoy it and the blogs of those around me. Its not as personal as an email or letter, but I do enjoy the networking of it and being able to see what people think about certain things.