Tuesday, March 27, 2007

287 Days time on target

Today I have been deployed to Afghanistan for 287 days. I listened on the radio today as a very calm person relayed information about a TIC (Troops In Contact) somewhere in the country. He was totally calm and professional. His boss wanted particulars about small arms fire and RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenades), he replied "We received small arms fire from across the river for about 15 minutes, and they started the attack with several RPG's. The commander asked about casualties, and he responded with that information. Later I listened as another unit reported detaining a person, and finding out that he was a person of interest linked to the Taliban organization. It was a very interesting time to listen.

I am trying to learn to say more with fewer words, so far that isn't working so hot for me.....

I keep track of what we gets published in the news on Afghanistannews.net, it provides feeds of most articles printed daily about what goes on here. The media is of course still trying to sell things, so body counts are in the headlines, it is easy to get information on the dead enemy as that falls into the category of good news and is provided with out censor, it is not as easy, nor are there reporters who report on the injuries that must be happening in the course of those events. Injuries don't make good press until of course it is sensational, like what happened at Walter Reed. Anyway, all is fair etc.

One of the things that I love is listening to the names people give themselves for radio call signs, based on what I have heard; I think we need a Trojan Man, and a Chewbacca.

Okay that is all for today.

My Mom will tell you that grammar and punctuation is important. She is correct, and it is easier to catch errors using Word, than it is using the tablet that Blogspot provides, which is why I had to correct a ton of mistakes. I am going to have to kick my own ass.

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Josh said...

Well, glad to see that you are in good spirit. This blog amused me, thanks. It really is amazing to read these words and see how well you've adjusted to your station. Its really encouraging.