Saturday, March 31, 2007

Is being reasonable, reasonable?

Okay, I didn't have my caffeine this morning, I wrote and posted, it was what it was. Not enough going on with me personally right now so I get more introspective rather than just telling the story, and I suppose here is a little more of that.

Western civilization prides itself on being reasonable, at least in matters that affect individuals, we have our bill of rights, and we have scores of laws designed to prevent the Big Brother from abusing our rights. Without sounding like (Name your right wing talk radio guy here) and with out siding with (Name Left wing dude here) don’t you think it is a travesty that we have people who admit guilt, who are not restrained in a timely fashion. Here are two examples:
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FBI arrests Portland man in child porn investigation

Posted by Wade Nkrumah March 30, 2007 19:43PM

The FBI is seeking information about possible "inappropriate contact with children" by a 46-year-old Southeast Portland man.

FBI agents arrested David Charles Leonard this week at his home after his indictment in Los Angeles on possession of child pornography, said J. Stephen Tidwell, assistant director of the FBI's Los Angeles office. Anyone with information about him should call the FBI's Portland office at 503-224-4181.

The FBI had begun investigating Leonard in 1999. In 2002, a search of his Long Beach, Calif., residence produced evidence of child pornography and illegal correspondence with minors, agents said. He moved to Portland in 2005.

Just 9 months and Hicks free

Lincoln Wright and Stephanie Balogh

April 01, 2007 12:00am

Article from: Sunday Herald Sun

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CONFESSED terrorist David Hicks will be free on December 30 despite a claim by senior intelligence sources he was being groomed as a top al-Qaida spy.

Hicks, 31, was yesterday sentenced by a military commission at Guantanamo Bay to nine months' jail to be served in an Australian prison.

He has been held for more than five years at the US detention centre after being captured in Afghanistan in December, 2001.

In a plea bargain, a seven-year sentence was reduced by six years and three months.

But Australian intelligence sources yesterday said al-Qaida was training Hicks to infiltrate countries such as Israel and the US and scout for terror targets.

They said that as a white Westerner, he was perfect for the role.

"There wasn't a white man on the planet who was closer to Osama bin Laden than Hicks," one senior intelligence source told the Sunday Herald Sun.

The source said evidence Hicks was having intelligence training for terrorist attacks had been obtained by the Australian Federal Police, including from Guantanamo detainees.

The problem with being reasonable in a combat zone is that it truly handicaps the safety and success of the people in the area. I am not advocating utilizing violence in an unprovoked manner, nor am I suggesting we should stack people up like pyramids and take pictures, I am however saying that artificial time limits put bad people back on the street, or they leave them on the street.

I wonder, and I am sure the FBI involved wonder, how many children were abused by the "Suspect Leonard" between the time they had enough on him to know he was a child predator, and the time they were able to do something about it, what happened in that 5 year time period?

In the case of Australian David Hicks, how do you cure intent to do harm, and how do you judge it to be cured?

You really won't be arrested for child pornography if you don’t have any. You also won't be indicted as a terrorist if you don't attempt to destabilize the world.

Okay, Hope you enjoy both *smiling all the way to dinner of mystery meat products**

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