Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Steph

Hello all,

Fairly frustrating today, our Internet is still down, so I am borrowing from folks down the road, our optempo has gotten higher, we have new folks in, things are in the beginning of the constant state of flux that they will remain in for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Our folks haven't had mail for a couple of weeks again and I was informed by the folks in Kabul that they have had packages sitting there for me for a long time now. I am surprised that they haven't figured out how to forward to me, but maybe there are many many McNeilly's on this task force, of course there could only be one. Who knows. I am rapidly becoming the old timer here, that means I am also getting closer to going home. That is not making me unhappy. It has dropped down to 24 degrees in the mornings again, which is a tad chilly, it gets up to a rousing 58 degrees at the top, which is okay. I guess I have run out of interesting things, I won't lay claim to thoughtful today, but I thought I would run my fingers for a while.

Lots of love for Stephanie, who survived her teenage years with me, and now is a bona -fide adult capable of buying alcohol, entering into legal contracts and generating as much fun and adventure as all of the rest of us. Happy Birthday Steph.

All My Best


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