Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Gretchen Mitchell Band truly makes it a pleasure to live in Portland.

The Gretchen Mitchell Band (GMB) is one of the reasons that Portland is such a great place to live. I love to share information about the live music I enjoy here in Portland and this is worth sharing!

Let me say that if you live in Portland, and you like live music, you should make sure and catch the Gretchen Mitchell Band... They are fantastic! Gretchen Mitchell is the primary singer for the group, and Haley Horsfall backs her up on vocals and percussion. I have to say they both have voices that are truly a joy to listen to, and when they bring their group of musicians with them, it is some of the best entertainment you will find in the city. Tonight was something special, her new and first CD was presented for the first time at Jimmy Mak’s it is called “Love For Real” and it is a treat.

The group that opened at Jimmy Mak’s was Carib a trio put together by Mike Horsfall, who pays the piano and vibraphone, Mike is a very talented musician who has a gift for putting together groups of people who play their instruments very well. I also think that Mike is truly blessed being able to play with his very talented daughter as well as with the GMB.

Of course the people in the audience who got to enjoy a moment in time that will never be completely replicated were also blessed with a fantastic evening, in great company, by some of Portland’s greatly talented people.