Friday, November 21, 2008

Arrivederci, Portland's hidden Jazz Music Gem

Okay, I admit I found this place in February, and that isn't unique, many people have been there before me. This may be the best Jazz music venue in the Portland, Oregon area, and it is in my backyard.

Arrivederci Wine and Gift shop off of McGloughlin Blvd in Milwaukie has not failed to entertain with fantastic music. The last person I listened to sing was the beautiful and talented Tasha Miller, who has a beautiful clear voice, a vivacious personality, and (I think I said she was beautiful?) If you enjoy Jazz Music, every night is different and good. If you enjoy wine and food, you certainly won't be disappointed.

We have Thanks Giving coming up, and with that we will kick off what looks to be a very busy month of travel and holiday cheer. (I wonder what kind of red wine goes well with Turkey.) I am guessing most of them do.




Anonymous said...

This little place is quite far out. the food is palatable but, the management leaves something to be desired. Twice I have made a reservation and asked to be seated near the entertainment and was told I would be. Once, upon arrival, no one could find my reservation and once I was promised a close seat for entertainment and when I arrived was seated at the back of the restaurant. I think these people take reservations and seat you according to customer regularity and friendship. Not a good way to run an "entertainment venue". I am not pleased!

Keith said...

It is unfortunate that you did not enjoy your experience.