Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another PTSD Post

I recently received an email from someone asking me to assist them in addressing the issue of PTSD in our veterans. They included a link for a short trailer for a film they had done in attempts to tackle this issue. When watching it and then the longer 15 minute film I sat numb before my computer screen as it was one of the most sobering and wrenching films I had ever seen. This film seeks to bring to the forefront the challenges and heartbreaking experiences many of our veterans face. Click on the link below if you'd like to view the trailier.



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Jim Piper, RN said...

Hi Clara -- Going over your old posts here and then viewed the "Happy New Year" trainer re PTSD. In my world caring for older vets, esp from The 'Nam, I've had held up to my face a situation that is so wrong words fail to describe it: vets who have been involved in 'black ops,' sent places where the gov't denies we have ever been. Places like Laos, Cambodia, even China as well as many other since. These vets sometimes return with combat-inflicted injuries -- not to mention PTSD -- and are denied the level of VA health care they so deserve. And this because the DoD denies they were ever n combat.

Time for a grass roots campaign to rectify the situation, to get the DoD to admit at least that these warriors WERE injured in combat and the DoD doesn't have to admit where.

-- Jim, RN at a VA hospital