Saturday, April 14, 2007

Shindand, Herat, Shindand

I have been to the major western cities in Afghanistan, and so far the largest, is the freindliest. I am not sure why, but Herat seems to be a very friendly city. It is also very livable, with electricity and plumbing the norm rather than the exception, and that may have something to do with it.

We reenlisted a soldier today with the blue mosque as a backdrop. It is in a walled park, that has grass and trees, and fountains. The fountains are not working now, but it is a pleasant setting.

Farah down south is a good place to avoid dilly dallying around, most people are friendly, but some would like nothing more than a clear shot at soldiers.

Shindand is not friendly, but the people in Shindand are also not decided. Mostly they are annoyed by the intrusion in their lives, and those that do mean harm will attempt to hurt us with roadside bombs, not direct fire weapons.

In Herat, I felt pretty safe, as safe as I have felt this year around here anyway. School kids smile and want to talk with us in Herat, boys and to a lesser degree girls as well. That really rarely happens elsewhere.

Today we received word that the group I was pulled to start in Herat is now defunct, and we are all moving to different locations, some back to our original startpoint, some to other adventures.

I read in the news today that our unit is already slated for a deployment in 2009. I don't know how that will affect me for a number of reasons. I guess we will see.

I will quit for now, and add pictures as I am able.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun over in Shindand. I was with the ETT team that secured Shindand and Herat in August and September 2004. Love reading about my old stomping grounds. Stay safe, have fun.


Anonymous said...

You jerk! You have got absolutely nothing to do in aghanistan, and you are gone loose, just like the looser you allways have been.

What on earth doi you think you are doing promenating around in uniform in a foreign country! Don't you know it is insulting to the locals! And armed you probably are too you jerk.

Do you allways bring arms when moving around in the states? Well on second thoughts, you probably do. But do you think this is anything worth teaching to the aghans? Is this somekind of superior culturer skills you are trying to pass on?