Friday, April 06, 2007

New Temporary Home

Well, the powers that be have decided that I should help stand up a new team. As a result I have moved to Herat, where there are more people, more rocks, less trees, no grass.

My compadres in Shindand will still carry on, and if you would like to continue to send humanitarian assistance to them you can send it in care of Douglas Barrett one of my replacements. He will gladly distribute them. School has just started again and the sounds of the kids in the play ground is a welcome change from the otherwise relatively sterile environment.

The good news about this move is that while I leave a great group of guys, I join another group of great guys, some of whom are from my state. That is nice, it adds a little spice to the last bit of time that we will be here.

I hope to have more things to write about as time goes on here, because I do like to share what is going on, the parts that I can anyway.

If you know Uncle Ed, please say a prayer for the return of his health.

All my best.


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