Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Quick Short and Sweet

Well, we are getting down to it in terms of time. I tell the really short timers here that I will be happy to see them leave as that means I am next in the bucket.

We are moving along here, trying to get the equipment we need up to par in order to do the mission we have been given. It isn't particularly exciting, but it is particularly necessary.

I work with another great group of guys, most of us are in our 30's and 40's and we have a mixture of active duty, and national guard folks, which is a pretty good mix actually. The other day we did some familiarization firing with the AK 47, and the RPK, which is a longer rifle but fires the same round. In addition we worked with the pistols that the ANP has been issued. Under the heading that any day firing guns is a good day, (as long as your not being shot at...) We had a great day.

The weather here is heating up during the peak, but still is very livable during the bulk of the day. It feels a lot like southern california, and looks very similar to the deserts down there.

It is greener now than it ever has been since I have been here, which is also a nice thing for an Oregon guy to see.

I will stop with that, I hope you are all well.

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Josh said...

Shoot guns=fun. Having guns shot at you = not fun. :-)