Saturday, November 18, 2006

Suicide bomber and Kuchis part deux, the pictures.

Wow, this has been a difficult blog to get out, four attempts in two days, this makes five. We will see if I am successful or not.

To begin with the Pakistan Tribune at has published an article about the suicide bomber in our area, it is very interesting because of its inaccuracies, and because it was supplied by what I would think was a knowledgeable Taliban agent. (Agent provocateur?) I am going to cover some of the pictures I took good and bad in this posting, and since this is the way my mind works you will get a bit more of the news I have seen posted on line, because oddly enough, I think it has been a decent week for messages.

This is the view from the crater itself, 300 meters in every direction there are parts of parts of the car. Nothing much larger than a loaf of bread, most about the size of match box cars.

This guy had help, which is why the Paktribune was able to report on it.

Crater, about 6' in diameter, about 6 inches deep at its deepest point. Brand new road, helpfully destroyed by the Taliban in an effort to help the people, what BS.

Okay, In no particular order here is the Kuchi tribe tents and people.

The gal on the left is maybe twenty or so, she is definitely the mom of one or two of these kids.. The fire is just brush, but all the heat stays inside, so it is a quick heat, enough to get the chill off.

Her hands were large and bony, she needs food, but I will bet she gives most of her share to her children as they are all relatively well fed. We will be doing a medical analysis of this tribe to see how we can help.

Tents are about 30 feet long, and about 15 feet wide. Lots of room in them for a group with no real personal stuff. Eat, Sleep, and Shelter in the tents, all else is outside.

The dog is a mix between a pony and an afghan wolfhound, or at least he is about that big, I have read that the Kuchi dogs have a lot of Mastiff in them, and you can believe it when you see them. Huge strong jaws, very protective.

The Men of the village with the kids. They built the village away from any real source of water, which puzzles me, but I am thinking that since they have done this all of their lives, maybe they have some idea of why they did that.

The little girl there is just beautiful, I don't have a picture that does her justice, but she has a happy smile, and very nice features, I am not sure if she is the daughter of the lady above, or a relative or how that works.

We brought rice and oil, although we need to take more back to them. Some of you should recognize the toys, stuffed animals, barbie dolls, race cars.

I really need to say thank you again for my guys and myself, it is very nice to be able to bring a smile to kids faces, and with out your help, that wouldn't happen as often.

There were 14 tents, with close to 200 villagers in this nomadic village. The children are easiest and most satisfying to give to. The pictures are priceless, as kids are kids all over the world.

The second picture of the Kuchis tent, they make carpets as ground cloths / mattresses. They truly are beautiful, this one is about 5 by 8 feet, maybe somewhat less. The stuff behind it is bedding. You can see the contradictions in this society. It is very protective of its women, but it doesn't have any privacy for husband and wife, I am sure that has to lead to a lot of "run out side and play" directions.

Okay before I go into what else happened this week I will end this post, so it isn't too completely disjointed.

I hope you enjoy it.


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