Saturday, November 04, 2006

Finally got some pictures done too

Last one's first today folks. This is the sunrise from yesterday, and while I am no artist, and no photographer, you can thank the folks at Intel and Nikon for the pictures. I took several of these but this was the first and as it turns out the best.

The Villagers to the left are the elders of the Village (I can't pronounce the name) that we are going to build a school in. They are talking with one of my compadres about the location of the school and a well to support it. All we need from them is the clear agreement that the land is open for a community building and we go to contract. I have seen schools built for as much as 100K and as little as 50K. Don't know where this one will fall in that range.

One of our recent jobs has been to overwatch the area to keep to rival factions from fighting. This is about as exciting as babysitting. There are many ANA and ANP doing the same thing, and we are in support of them. When I used to baby sit, I at least had the run of the coke supply, thank you Bob and Teresa, I think it cost them more to keep me in pop then it did to pay me for the night. Onward.

These guys...... The last six at Shouz for a while, this is the day they took me to Herat for my Journey to Qatar. We have from the left, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma and Oregon. Or, if you rather Boomer, Gunslinger, Wings, MD, Doc and me.
All good guys. MD walks funny now, but time will cure that I am sure.

This is the hope and the future of Afghanistan, young men, (really can't get pictures of young women or girls this age) who will learn in schools, who are not closed minded yet, who will remember that the people that they personally met, while unable to speak their language, were friendly, and did something to help them improve their own lives. We will see. They love the camera, and they love to smile, the international language.

When traveling the airways with the US Military we leave no amenity behind. There are seats, and seatbelts, lots of leg room, and when you so desire, a place for you to lay down. Bathrooms are up to the front, please don't form a line. This is the plane I took to Qatar, and actually a very good ride it was.

Here are two of our soldiers from Oregon, out of the support battalion, both of whom are always willing to work and do what needs to be done. They were off to get some fine Army Training Sir, and as luck would have it I ran into them again on our flight back from Kuwait. If you're keeping count, I have briefly visited 5 different countries since last May. Okay, kind of a long visit here in Afghanistan, but it will soon be in the rear view mirror.

On that note, on behalf of yourselves, your loved ones and your fellow countrymen and women, vote and don't leave any hanging chads.

All my best



Pat Gallagher said...

Keith, I really enjoy your postings! The connections you are making with local people will go far in creating a peaceful environment for them.
I am reading a book by a Scotsman Journalist & historian who walked from Herat to Kabul in January 2002. He stayed overnight with locals in the villages he passed. His name is Rory Stewart. The book is "The Places In Between". He speaks some persian and understands the Moslem culture so he managed to complete his trek safely.If you are interested in the book I will send you a copy.Keep up the great work you are doing.
God bless "all a y'all"

Ted Wease said...

Ok, so there's "Gunslinger","wings", "doc" and "you", you isn't good enough, what's your nick-name??? Or better yet, maybe you should let all of us receiving this blog, take a stab at it, and you can post them, LOL... Take care,