Friday, November 24, 2006

The second day after Thanksgiving

Hello All,

I will make this a quick one. Woke up today, the 9th day away from my stuff, was only going to be 4 days, but that is the way it works here, I still have toothpaste, so I am good.

Really good in fact, as I am in Shindand for a while yet. It was about 35 degrees this morning, just enough to make the black top slick, if we had blacktop. I am wondering how people will do driving on ring road here. Of course it has one advantage that american roads don't have, and that is that there is almost no merging traffic. No cloverleaves, and you can see for miles in front of you or behind.

Anyway. I had a request for my address and realized I hadn't posted it out here.

I am going to work hard giving what I have received for the next couple of weeks, as I hope to possibly be home over or proximate to the holiday. We will see. Anyhow, here it is.

Keith McNeilly
207th RCAG West
Herat, Afghanistan
APO AE 09354.

That gets the mail to Herat, they have a list of where everyone is there, and will send it down when we come up to get it.

You need to use a return address to get it delivered.

Please use the following return address,

Your initials
C/O 141 BSB
10000 NE 33rd Drive
Portland, Oregon 97211

That allows the mail to be delivered, and returned if necesssary, without publishing your address here in this country. Please enclose a note, and I will respond accordingly

Thanks again


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