Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WOW, Okay Portland, Listen Up At Arrivederci's

One of my old bosses used to say you want your customers to say WOW, when they receive your goods and services.

Let me say that Mike Horsfall, Tasha Miller and Dennis Caiazza delivered the WOW for those of us lucky enough to be in attendance at Arrivederci Wine Bar in Milwaukie tonight. This is a place where you can sit away from the band or right up next to them, and tonight I did both.

When the music is clear and pure you can almost see it or feel it move through you and listening and watching as the music is being played is just awesome.

Tasha Miller sings in a way that makes you wish you could listen forever, The three of them delivered fantastic songs, there were 5 that took over the room, one that Dennis Caiazza sang, and sang very well, and the other four sang by the Tasha Miller, they were The Beatle's Imagine, Cindy Lauper's, True Colors, and My Funny Valentine by Frank Sinatra, and Memories by Barbara Streisand. Now I am sure that the glass of wine, the room full of friendly people and just how intensely into the music these three people get makes a difference, unfortunately you just can't capture it on a CD, but that will be a memory that I will enjoy for a long long time.

If you find yourself some where that any of these three are playing, get yourself a cup or glass of your favorite beverage, and sit back and enjoy the moment.

If you don't know where to find them, start in Milwaukie and ask Katie or Steve or Derek, I am sure they will know when they will be back in the restaurant.

Cheers to you all.

Appreciate what you have, because life is uncertain, and it is short.


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