Monday, February 02, 2009

New National Holiday

I have been in the car on the freeway a lot more lately, and have grown very tired of listening to all the get out of credit debt free ads. However I have also noticed that it is almost not possible switch channels to something less obnoxious than what I was originally tuned into.

This has given rise to a new holiday that I believe anyone in America who has taken the path of financial irresponsibility will appreciate. I think it should be called National I Am Not Responsible For Past Transgressions Day, It is long I know, but it is descriptive, and besides I am open to another name if someone has a better one.

The key to this is that after you run up your credit cards bills on pizza, bowling, movies, cars parts and hotel bills, you can then call someone up who out of the goodness of their hearts will help you pay only half of the honest debt you incurred. It is like a get out of jail free card, except you don't get the cool cartoons.

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Don said...

How to avoid commercials:

Listen to PBS
Get a Tape/CD player with a converter kit to it plays through the radio
Turn the radio off.