Friday, December 12, 2008

Pitchfork Brigade

Holy Hell People! If you are not as shocked, appalled and disgusted as I am after you finish reading this and watching this video there is something seriously wrong with you! Below is an email I received from another military bud, complete with links to a spoof that was done regarding our wounded warriors. I want you to know I lasted exactly 10 seconds before I was ready to rip someone's head off Every single person who has read anything I have written clearly knows how I feel about these wounded warriors. You also know from many of my posts exactly what these folks endure.

Clara, I am not sure if you have seen or heard of this issue that the milblog
world (we now call ourselves the Pitchfork Brigade) are having with The
Onion. I am putting up a post about this today too. Since you guys have
caring heart for our American men and women who are wounded, I thought
you may want to see this.

I apologize for being sooo IT challenged and can not figure out how to get the video on this blog. Actually I really don't want to lower myself as to even place that disgraceful crap on this site. SO, please wander over to my bud, Troy's blog and he has all the info. Then after you've watched the video please join us, the Pitchfork Brigade, in expressing our utter outrage at the travesty someone decided to make of our wounded. and then click on Afghan & Military Blog


kitewood said...

I am a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran. I watched the Onion's clip and I must respectfully disagree that it is an insult to disabled American service people. The fact is, the Pentagon has been sending disabled service people back into combat. The only difference between the Onion clip and reality is that the Pentagon is, so far, only sending mentally handicapped veterans back, mostly those with PTSD which is not curable, only controlled. In fact, during WWII some physically handicapped servicemen were sent back into combat with artificial limbs. Google it, the stories are out there. The Onion is only using absurdism to make a valid point, nobody is safe from redeployment with our over stretched, over strained military.

Ky Woman said...

I'm so glad that Troy alerted you to the Onion's latest gaffe. The Pitchfork Brigade has become the "go to" group when those who aren't supportive of Our Guys need forkin. I myself couldn't stand to watch the video. It pissed me off too much.

By the way, Thanks for all you do...

Anonymous said...

I was pleased to see that The Onion's Editor took whatever it was down before I got a chance to see it. The Onion is usually spot-on in their satire and spoofs. I guess we all gotta screw up once in awhile. Sounds like The Onion picked a spectacular demonstration of one. --janet