Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday Morning

Today I got to hear a Colonel expunge whatever was offending his pallet this morning, it was his third visit to the porcelain god, and he was obviously in pain. Montezuma's revenge in Afghanistan might be called Akmeds Answer. I felt sorry for him, then I felt my stomach seize up, and began my own day less then secure in my faith in my digestive system. This led me to consider our food products that we ingest with frequency around here. Because I am considerate, I am not going to list them all, and after considering what we have I will not complain too long. However I will say this, after a year of mostly the same 5 or 6 meals for lunch or dinner, all meat products, except for bonafide steak like products cause my stomach to flip over prior to putting them on a plate. We have at least two mystery meat products, that remind me of the thoughts about hot dogs, eat and enjoy them, but don't watch them get made. For what ever reason, more than one person has had issues with intestines here lately, but that can well be a bug going around and not the food we are eating.

We have had quite a bit of excitement mostly stressful over the recent events in Zercho Valley. After much thought and fact gathering I have come to the conclusion that there are so many complications in this area that I will never really understand what goes on. Politics creates strange bedfellows is the appropriate cliche for this series of events. It really isn't even possible to intelligently discuss the events in the valley as it gives too much information away. Suffice it to say, read what is printed, take it with a grain of salt, and try not to come to to extreme of a conclusion, because from my perspective it looks as clear as mud. Enough on that...

Good News, Kathy Hilton is sticking up for her daughter Paris who is going to spend 45 days in Jail for violating the courts two year suspension of her drivers license for driving under the influence. Now if Paris has stock in anything, she will probably benefit from the event. Plus she might get some time for yoga. To put it in perspective, Camp Shelby Mississippi it ain't, and 45 days is not the worst that could happen. I am sure that Kathy Hilton is fuming that only in America do royalty get no respect, but it probably sounds like "If she weren't so famous this wouldn't have happened." She drives a Bentley for crying out loud, get a driver.

Okay, now I feel better, having gotten the drivel out of my system. I am not sure what I am going to do with this once I get back, as really I won't have much to add. We will see I guess. Thoughts?

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