Friday, May 11, 2007

Looking out I see.....

You know, with the events of Zirco Valley in the recent past, things have slowed way down around here. That is okay, Afghanistan isn't going anywhere, and I didn't figure America would be done here by the end of my deployment. It does make for a lot of time to think, read and consider of course.

Chris competed in his first District track meet yesterday, and took fifth in the Long Jump, with a 19' 10.5" jump. Wow, Congratulations Chris!!!

Mothers Day is right around the corner. Happy Mothers Day to my Mom, Barbara, Joyce, Joanne, and of course my wife. This is the second Mothers Day of this deployment. Fortunately a third is not scheduled at this time.

I read other bloggers out there. Badgers Forward is great, it lead me on to a couple of Military Wives Blogs which I hope that you take the time to check out, as they are funny, well written and tell a side of the story that I never could. I know my wife would understand these very well as she has sure lived through some stuff this year. So please check out these, I think you will like them. An Army Wife's Life, and Trying to Grok. In the course of reading that I was reintroduced to George Sinclair's 1973 broadcast to his listeners in Canada. So I read the transcript, then I found the link, and here it is. I know some may find it a tad jingoistic, some unpalatable. It wasn't written for our political times, but it sure does have some valid points.

Okay, I am off, kilter, base, and off the computer now.

Take care


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