Saturday, December 23, 2006

Too Much Fun In PDX

Okay, well, I left Bagram on the 17th. Arrived in Kuwait that day. Customs coming into the United States is conducted there. Threat brief, don't have this or we will arrest you. (Truth is stranger than fiction.) If you were guilty of possessing a Playboy Magazine going through customs according to the Customs lady, you would be arrested by the Military. This is primarily because we have been in Muslim countries and apparently they don't look at nude women. Having spent a week or so in a Muslim country I can tell you that while that may be correct, it is far from the entire story. However we will leave that for someone else.

Our European stop was fogged in, so ended up staying at a nice hotel in Budapest, Hungary. I recommend a trip to that location to anyone lucky enough to be able to get there. Very pretty city. Lots to do. Van Gogh Museum was located there just south of one of the most palacial castles I have ever seen.

Ireland, Bangor Maine, Dallas in a day. By hook or crook I made it out the next day and home to Portland. Much thanks to the folks at American Airlines in Denver and United Airlines in Seattle. Quite an adventure.

Home, last night I got to see about 6 or 8 people I haven't seen in quite a while, and we were fortunate to be out where Bree was headed, thanks to her brother, so I have caught up quite a bit, if not all the way with my Milwaukie friends. Who knew listening to Kareoke and drinking coffee with a nudge could be so much fun.

I missed talking to my folks in Virginia today, but I am sure that they are going to have a great Christmas together with family in Washington DC, so Merry Christmas to the famdamly, from coast to coast, and Merry Christmas to everyone else as well.

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Anonymous said...

I have to catch up on your blog to find out how long you'll be here... but nonetheless, welcome home. Big Hugs to you!

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Keith said...

Merry Christmas and more appropriately given the date, Happy New Year.... I never turn down a hug, but have to wonder who it was that sent it : )