Sunday, December 10, 2006

Live From Bagram... It's Sunday Night

What happens to people who test the ice on lakes by walking into the middle if it gives way???

It is cold here in Bagram, I have been here for 3 nights now, and I have a routine, I am waiting for a plane in a couple of days, so I read a bit, eat a meal, go to the gym, walk to the PX, take a nap, watch a movie or three, and start over then next day. Eventful it ain't. But I am looking forward to getting home for Chrismas, and that is a very good thing.

Chris is turning 17 tomorrow. Wow, Happy Birthday Chris.

Yesterday I watched a guy walk out to the center of a large room sized mud puddle a foot or so deep, testing it for strength. When it failed he of course got his foot soaked. I had to laugh, I am not sure if he did that for my amusement or not, but I was amused anyway. And of course it does lead to, how many people in really cold country, find themselves taking a cold dip, and if that happens what happens to them next I wonder.

Ish, Not earth shaking just thought I would say hello and Merry Christmas to all you all. That is southern pluralese for youuns.

Have a good day


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