Friday, December 01, 2006

2 December 2006

Hmmm this month is not going to see a bunch of entries I have a feeling. So I am going to cover a lot of strange ground all at one time, and see where that leads me....

Happy Birthday Lori Green, (Of course Green is her maiden name, and I don't think I have seen her in I really don't remember when, but, 2 December is her Birthday, and I hope she is having a happy one, I think she is somewhere west of Portland. ( I grew up with her and her brother from about age 5).

Happy Birthday to Chris, who is turning 17, he is a great guy I am proud to be his step dad, I hope you enjoy your birthday, and don't get to crazy with your friends.

I am sure I am going to miss at least one or two people I should remember but like I said to begin with, I am trying to cover some ground here too.

Happy Birthday to both my cousin Chris and to Barbara, both of whom turn a day older on the 27th of the month. Ironic isn't it.

On the 7th of the month I will find out what the next 10 days or so will be like, however I may not be anywhere near a computer at that point. If all goes as I would like it to, I will take some time to travel to Bagram, and then to home, and depending upon how that goes, I may actually see my family for Christmas, which would be fantastic. If not, then I guess the new year will do. In either case it takes a long time to get there, spend some time there, and come back here. So... I may not have much to share during the month. Of course, I could be wrong as well.

The weather here is dipping down into the low 30's and gets up to about 50 during the day. Clear skys so far, although the rain we had a couple of weeks ago sure did trash much of the surrounding area. There is no root network to hold the soil in place so, a big rain causes quite a bit of movement.

Hmmm I have run out of things to say or share, so will let this be the end for today. Hope this finds you well, and I hope that the rest of your holiday season is great.


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