Thursday, September 28, 2006

Good bye to a couple of great guys.

Yesterday we took two of our teammates up to Herat for them to begin outprocessing and heading home. They have already served their year here, and have some family and friends that miss them and would like to see them come home.

We are going to miss them, and I wish they were on the same rotation as I am, but that is not how it works here. So while we will remember and miss them, things will continue to go on and someone else will step up to fill in their shoes. That is the way of the world.

SFC Glasscock out of South Carolina held several positions in the time that he was here. When I arrived he was the person assigned to my company, so he and I did the left seat right seat rides together. LS / RS rides is a term we use to describe the train up on the situation that you are going into, some people call it a battle hand off. Any way if you think of driving a car, learning from the left seat, doing from the right seat, you will get the idea.
He knew everything about this post from how to make the electricity work, to how to get services down here from Herat. Besides all that the ANA loved him, and he taught me how to work with them. Have fun on the golf course SFC, I know you'll enjoy that.

SGM Elvington, also out of SC I believe, is also headed back home. He was the advisor to the Sergeant Major of the ANA Kandak and the senior enlisted soldier on the ground here in Shindand. He was another person I learned about Afghanistan from. He didn't get worked up about much here, which is the right answer from what I have seen. But he did make sure his soldiers did the right things. He set a calm professional example and was a lot of fun to talk with as well.

I am the self appointed picture taker, which sometimes results in me hearing things like what these two said to me from Herat, " Take the damn picture already" But you know, even though my composition isn't the greatest, I think that they will enjoy looking back on their last day in Shindand and their first day in Herat for out processing. These pictures were taken on the last day that they were in Shindand, just before we climbed in the rigs and moved north.


Diane said...

I am SFC Glasscock's wife; Diane. I am truely excited on his return home. Not as much as our 5 year old son, Zachary. Bo is a great person and a great solider. We are so very proud of him and all others that serve. My prays will continue until the last US solider returns home which may be for many years to come. Thanks again. Diane

Keith said...

I am sure happy that he has such a good family to return home to. Your husband is a very good man, and I really enjoyed working with him, I am sure that I do a better job now because he took the time to teach me what I needed to know. You guys take care of each other.


welob77 said...

Elvington is from Va. He is an amazing human being there are maybe a handful of people who could rightfully stand next to him. Most are safer behind him. Thank you to all service men and women. God bless.