Thursday, September 14, 2006

Location of Shouz, in the Herat province of Afghanistan.

I added the location of Shouz on this map, in order to show you where it is. Approximately 87 Miles south of Herat on the Ring Road, or Afghanistan's Highway 1. This section is being built with US tax dollars. This Section stretches from Herat, to Kandahar. It is also 7009 miles, almost straight across the north pole, from my home in the Portland area.
I added this map so that you can see how the two fit together. Shouz is at the southern portion of the Herat province.

This area was so hot this summer it was just amazing.... It felt like being in the frying pan. 125 plus degrees at its worst. Oddly enough, you adjust to it, and by the time I adjusted, the highs for the day had begun to drop. Now it is down right chilly at 60 degrees around 4:00 am. We have conducted different types of operations in the area for a good month and a half now, and met many people. I will try and tell you more about them as time goes on. Hope you can read the maps.

All my best Keith


Anonymous said...

Hi Keith...good to see what you are up to...thinking of you-Colleen :)

Iowa Rose said...

Hi Keith, I am a childhood friend of Ed's. WE went through school together in Ft D. Also we keep in touch daily . Ed is as close to a brother as I will get. I really enjoy your letters.. You write very well... Keep it up... I share them with friends so they can see a true side of this picture. I pray for your safe return daily. I enlarged the map and pinpointed where you are on my wall map. I put one up when this war began because of the different countries and areas. the weather today in IA was 82 degrees Iowa has a big Ft Ball game St. IOWA vs ISU Ames.
It will be a happy Iowan no mater how it comes out. Of course I am a Hawkeye fan from Iowa U.
My 2 kids graduated from ther and 4 grandchildren. I am of course retired. But manages to keep busy playing Bridge and doing a lot of do good jobs. Spend a lot of time on the computer. Ed write such nice long letters. I have to keep up you know. Write all your thoughts. they are appreciated and re read several time. My God bless you and keep you safe. RMC

David Aguilar said...

Keith-any chance you've run into my son Pete Aguilar? He's in Shouz and also from Eugene? David

Keith said...

I do know Pete, he is a great representative of the Oregon National Guard Sorry it took so long to respond.