Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two of our soldiers save a mans life.

Two of our soldiers from Oklahoma utilized their training to save a man's life the other day. He was near death when he was brought to our location having been in a motorcycle accident. His lower left leg was shattered and lay open, his kneecap and tibia were not in evidence, and his pulse was 25 or 26 beats per minute. Holiday, that is Doc Holiday knows his stuff, he is a 19 year old school trained military medic. Boomer is a 24 year old EMT trained infantry mortar man. Both men have had more than their share of medical training; they were made aware that the man was at our location and moved into action. They applied two tourniquets, checking for a radial pulse, getting the correct choice of IV started in the injured man. They kept him from going into shock, and gave him medication for the pain. By the time they allowed him to be taken to _Herat 90 miles north, his pulse was up to 60 beats per minute and he had been stabilized. Today we learned that the man made it to _Herat alive, and was treated in the hospital, where they had to amputate his lower leg. He should make it barring secondary infections. Just thougth you might like to know.........

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