Wednesday, April 15, 2009


With all the years I've been a nurse I still can't get used to death. I mean, there are some patients you look at and think "they just need to die", they're old, infirm, body's failing, etc and when they do die it has no effect on you, it's part of a day's work. Then there are other patients who bother you and walk out of their room with tears streaming down your face.

Such was the case yesterday, my patient from Sunday died, a personable woman who was only in her 40's. Although I wasn't her nurse, her husband wouldn't allow it, I was able to visit her in room after he left. I held her hand, brushed her hair back from her face and wished her well in her new life with God.

Goodbyes said I headed down the hallway and passed one of my doc buddies who stopped me. As a remaining tear rolled down my cheek he asked what was wrong. Upon hearing my explanation he looked at me and with a sad smile stated "what we do is hard". Yes, my dear doc friend, it is.


Don said...

If you ever do get used to it, it's probably time to think about a nice quiet job in a family practice office.

Ky Woman said...

Your job is indeed hard. Yet, without nurses like you, the hospital world would be a much bleaker place. Thank you for caring enough to cry...