Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cracking Up?

Damn, I knew I was having issues but didn't realize how big until I cussed out the very unhelpful sales person at Nordstom's this afternoon. Guess it was a good thing I had an appointment with the shrink shortly following that little "incident".

Yep, I've been in this place before, the one I really don't want to be in. The one where I know all the things I should be doing but don't. Or better yet all the things I SHOULDN'T be doing but do.
-Yes, Mr Shrink, I know it's not a good idea to wash a benadryl down with my favorite cabernet but I needed to sleep.
-Nuh uh, I do know fritos, hoho's and a coke are not in the 4 basic food groups but it was all I had a taste for.
-Yeah, stomping up and down 2 flights of stairs in my house can't be considered exercise even though when people ask if I'm still running I respond "absolutely".
-Uh huh, I realize I'm probably going to hell for saying the "f" word to the chaplain but there wasn't any other adjective that adequately described the situation.

The shrink asked if I wanted to set up weekly appointments for a while. To which I immediately responded with a resounding "NO!" I'm not ready to talk about this stuff on a weekly basis. I'll probably get there but not right now. In the meantime I will stay away from the benadryl and the wonderful reds I have in the wine cabinet. Maybe I'll even take the puppy for a walk.

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Earl said...

Looking at these last two blogs and I want to shake you, but then I wasn't there when you wrote them. Take the time, write it out, put some soft warm clothes on, go jog or walk in the quiet cold until you think about sweating too much and catching a chill. Drink the wine without any pills, but don't drink it alone - coffee you can have alone, but fresh fruit juices are better, and tell them you are going to help the economy since Wall Street has missed your tender touch... or the hot bath, the warm bed with rain on the roof and light music in the background. You make me worry and that can't be good.