Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Things that I think are wrong, a list

Okay, to begin with, just because I think this is funny, and while not strictly true, certainly within the spirit of truth:

Political Correctness. "Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media,which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

Some things in life are not pretty, and are necessary for things to go on. Childbirth I know people say it is a beautiful thing, got it. Your child being born has to be beautiful. The amount of pain and pushing and stretching and pressing required not to mention the blood, water and pain (did I say pain???) objectively viewed, would not be pretty, certainly necessary however.

Soldiers who are trained to do unpleasant things don't always share good language, good personal habits, or the same ideas about what is and is not okay with the mainstream. Of course, sometimes they do.

Pakistan is not helping the US in Afghanistan. Thought you should know.

General Orders 1A and 1B needlessly create violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice because they outlaw any sexual contact between anybody other than married soldiers. Also because it forbids alcohol consumption at all. This is again, a politically motivated rule.

Let me be clear. What crap that is. It isn't logical, but it sounds good. "Our soldiers will go forth, be pure of heart and mind and body while they prosecute our war." "We are doing that so we don't offend the Muslims." Somebody thought it sounded like a way to demonstrate what good folks we are.

Let me say, it probably offends the hell out of the Muslims when we kill them with bombs, bullets or bb's for that matter. We didn't get invited into either Iraq or Afghanistan, many people were offended, many of them are now dead. Why is that more politically Okay? I will bet money that the Taliban don't care whether or not our soldiers drink or sleep with each other, they may be offended by the fact that America and Western Europe exist, or not you decide.

Afghans drink and smoke hash. Have a nice day. It is true, we won't go into happy Thursday's just because I haven't seen it first hand, because I make a point not to intrude.

Take men and women, married and single, remove them from their support structures, and leave them alone for a year or 18 months. Some of them are having sex. I promise. Why would you make it illegal and a crime punishable by the UCMJ? Here is why it is a dumb idea and this is a real example.

Joe is in one company in a battalion, Jane is in another company in a battalion. They are young and single and attracted to one another. They are caught several times alone, after much counseling, they are caught again, with more paperwork behind them, and perhaps with more going on. He receives an Article 15 removing a rank or two from him, with 45 days of pay taken by his commander. She receives a counseling statement from her commander. Let me point this out "THEY DID THE SAME THING, AT THE SAME TIME, TOGETHER" Because the court martial process is intimidating they didn't fight it. Because that would open them to a judicial punishment, read civilian record. It allows commanders to bully them into decisions that they may not other wise take. Just my opinion however.

Investigations into peoples sexual orientation. Like we don't actually believe don't ask and don't tell. I don't care if you are Straight, Gay or Celibate. Do your job, don't get anything on me. Thank you. Investigations have taken place into sexual orientation and activity, and guess what, they were paid for by tax dollars, and they were a waste of all personnel's time involved. When I was a commander I explained to my soldiers that their personal lives were not my concern. To the extent that they made them my concern, to that extent I would end up discussing their personal lives with them. It was fairly clear and simple.

Accidents are Accidents. We require soldiers to clear their loaded weapons in a clearing barrel after a mission. Sounds great. Accidental discharges happen in the clearing barrel. Low ranking soldiers get non judicial punishment, and higher ranking soldiers get a harsh look. Ask JAG Officers, they know this crap. It is true. Accidental discharges can be avoided by not touching the trigger. Thought you might like to know....

Roll overs, are caused by a combination of events by people who are trying to conduct a mission as safely as possible. Speed is a form of security. Those accidents are unfortunate, but ought not be punished again by article 15's.

Hmmmmm I think I have run out of steam for a while on this one. Have a great day.

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