Sunday, January 14, 2007

Busy return and some Thank You's that are over due

I love English Grammer er.. Grammar (See what I mean).... Many of you may be able to tell that it isn't my strongest suit, and I would guess that would be accurate.... Here is another shot at the title. Bz Rtn, and many Thank Youzzzz to many of Youz all. Okay, Hemingway I am not.

Well, I arrived and found out on day one that many things had changed while I was gone, and many more would change within the next couple of days, we are going to experience a huge personnel turnover here. Life is certainly full of changing relationships and roles. Anyway, on to the important things.

I have to say thank you to the American Airlines crew that flew myself and one other soldier back to Dallas. We were truly treated with great kindness. I wish I had caught some names, but I can tell you that the ladies who were working with us were very very helpful, both at the terminals, check in counters and on the plane itself. Way to go American Airlines, first time I have felt that way in quite a while towards an airline.

Thank you also to the USO personnel in both Dallas and in Bangor. I have to say they know how to be friendly and what the word hospitality means. Cheers to you.

Merry McNeilly, you and your family are awesome. I love the CD's Good N Plenty's are great !!! and it was a pleasant treat to come back from home to. You truly make our last name shine. We must really be cousins somewhere I am sure. LOL

Catherine Johnson, I have kids that I am giving the beanie babies to tomorrow, together with the other toys and things that I have for them, at a medical visit we are going to conduct tomorrow.

Pat and Family, you know I am giving that box out tomorrow, and thank you as well.

I really have to say, I have received so much support from people who read this that it is mind blowing. It makes me conscious of the fact that I am playing a role, one that other soldiers play as well, which is as an extension of our society, a representative of our country. Even though I am on the less diplomatic end of the spectrum, and am not elected I am aware that people view Americans through the lens that I help them to hold. I try not to let you down, just as the rest of the soldiers I work with try to work in ways that you would be proud of as well.

Alice, I am sorry to hear about your ankle, I honestly don't know if I knew about it previously or not, but I have to say, 3 weeks is enough, time to get up and get crackin... Or, you know maybe just rest, ice, compress, and elevate. I love hearing from you as well.

Okay.... I am sure I will have lots to say at some time in the near future, but now it is time for me to quit.

All my best.


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Josh said...

Thank you for holding up the lens. You present a view that is pretty much NOT seen, at least by me.