Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So I know I haven't written anything in a long time, either here or on The Sandbox and I'm sure some of you are wondering "where's Clara? Is she still around?"

Yep, I'm still around. Still taking care of the wounded and trying not to let the things I see overwhelm every aspect of my life which, lately, has been very difficult. You simply wouldn't believe the crud that has transpired or the hell we have been subjected to. I can't even write about it as I just do not have the desire to relive those memories.

My puppy is good, she makes me laugh on a daily basis, which I'm glad for. She's such a goofball with her antics that it never fails to bring on a smile or a chuckle. I have somehow (not completely sure how) ended up with an abandoned cat. I'm not a cat fan, never have been and probably never will be. When some neighbors moved out, took their dogs but abandoned their cat outside in the winter right before a huge blizzard I didn't have the heart to let her fend for herself. So I started setting food out so she wouldn't starve. One day when a nurse friend, who had just returned from Iraq, was staying with me the cat ended up in the house. The next thing I know the cat and the dog are good buddies. Now cat and puppy sleep side by side and play together. I've been looking for a good home for her, somewhere other than my home but so far no one wants to take her. Hmm. . . .

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Don said...

I recently learned that an old, dear friend had suffered the death of her son 2 years ago. She didn't discuss it much except to say that it was horrible and faith-challenging. But, she said, she was beginning to recognize her "new normal". It sounds as if you are doing much the same -- keeping control of what you can and not letting the other stuff overwhelm you. At least I hope so because it comforts me to know that despite the stupidity of the brass hats and politicians, there are people like you who take care of those who pay the price.