Sunday, February 14, 2010

This was written by a coworker currently deployed on board the USNS Comfort.

This From Clara:

This is part of an email written by one of my coworkers who is currently deployed aboard the USNS Comfort. I thought it was worth sharing.

I decided to stay after work to type an update to all of my family and friends. So as we enter into our third week here aboard the Comfort I have realized the great strength of the Haitian people. I have watched mothers cry and mourn the loss of their child here in the ICU, with no clue if any other family member has survived the earthquake or if they did, where they currently might be.
I have seen God's mercy over a mother and her premature infant after her house had collapsed on her causing her water to break. She went around for a week until the Comfort came and then delivered her baby here on our ship. The baby was said to have a no chance of life. But GOD! That baby is still thriving. I have done chest compressions on another little boy babe who has no evidence of parents and who was found in the rubble supposedly by a search and rescue team. He has stolen my heart the most because he doesn't have a mom or dad to come console him, so I do it!!!

So as you all go to bed tonight, think of the 100, 000 survivors who didn't make the death toll which is 200,000. They sleep out on the street because they are afraid to sleep in the house as another
aftershock can take the only inkling of a place they call home. We are so blessed and fortunate to have a home and we still complain about getting a bigger one or not having this type of basement or patio. I thank God daily for this humbling experience. I am allowing God to use me to encourage mothers and fathers to keep the faith and also give me healing hands to heal the sick. He has been using me as I see a new miracle every day. Continue to pray for my strength in the Lord and I pray my return will be quick but only after my purpose has been fulfilled aboard USNS COMFORT.


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