Monday, January 18, 2010

Six days off!!Woohoo! Just finished a great stretch of no work! Aside from the drama of former neighbors moving out and abandoning their cat it was a very nice time away. Does anyone want a sweet kitty? My other neighbor and I, total saps we are, have been feeding her. I don't even like cats, I mean I have a dog, one the doesn't like cats either. However for some reason I like this cat. Maybe I'm a sucker for anyone or anything that's been dealt a raw deal. She certainly has. She hangs outside their front door looking in the windows, crying pitifully, looking for the people who no longer live there to let her in the house. We contacted one of the rescue organizations so hopefully we can find her another home. In the meantime my garage door is left open a tiny bit on the off chance she needs a place to sleep at night. Yep, sap, that would be me.

Tomorrow I return to work to an ICU where the staffing has been decimated by deployments. 13 RN's in the past 2 weeks deployed. 9 of them were planned at least a month in advance so we knew they were headed to Afghanistan and Iraq. The most recent ones though, the 4 who left Saturday, deployed on the USNS Comfort, the hospital ship is on it's way to Haiti. No one has any idea how long they will be gone. The civilians are left to hold down the fort and asked to work additional shifts. Aerovacs still arrive from the wars even though we now can only handle 3/4 of the patients we used to . Available bed space is no longer available. We simply do not have the staff. We make do and continue to give our patients the best possible care we can.

A sweet kitty needs a home. . .any takers??? ;-) Please? A pretty kitty anyone?


Don said...

NOT making any offers on the feline -- allergies to cats. There should be a special circle of Hell for people who abandon pets. Right next to the one where Sisyphus has to keep pushing that rock up the hill only to have it fall back but for the pet abandoners they should be able to see their loved ones and not be able to talk or touch or be seen by them. Maybe managers can go there too.

Glad to see you're a tad more upbeat this week.

RandomStuffBlogger said...

Poor kitty... wish I could take it, but I already got 5 pets.