Friday, May 08, 2009

Nurses Week

It's been an interesting two weeks. I finally made it to the Pentagon Memorial, my friend Troy Steward (of Bouhammer) and his wife Christine were by my side. Wow! Was that ever rough! My story of that visit is posted on The Sandbox blog page titled "Eight Years Later".

This is Nurses Week and two families have given us cards thanking us for what we do. It's so nice to be remembered!

One of the families belonged to a patient who arrived little over a week ago. This was someone so critically wounded he went directly to the OR within an hour of his arrival to us. He was so gravely injured I doubted, even with surgery, that he would survive. I was certain I would return to work the following day to find him brain dead. That we would simply wait until his family arrived, tell them the grim story, let them say their good byes and begin "end of life" care.

Instead, much to my huge surprise this soldier, while still critically injured was able to follow commands appropriately. In the week that has followed I've seen him improve tremendously. He still has a long way to go but watching him get better has sure been an awesome way to celebrate Nurses Week!

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