Sunday, January 18, 2009

Under Siege

Damn! They're everywhere! Hapless, clueless, directionally challenged tourists have descended in mass quantities upon my hometown. Tour buses the likes of which I have never seen before crowd the streets, fighting for the right of way in my lane. A friend in the hotel business said in one day alone they had over 1000 people check in. Yikes!

Security, we're used to it here in the Nation's Capital. Make sure you have nothing other than your wallet and your winter woolies and get ready to stand in line. And wait. Photo ID is a must have, don't leave home without it. Metal detectors, magnetic wands, military and law enforcement by the thousands. Yep, we've seen it here. This is, after all, life in DC post September 11th.

Road closures, uh huh, used to that too. Phantom traffic jams that occur for no reason are a daily event. However the road closures expected over these next few days are exceptional. I'll be heading in to work on Tuesday 4 hours early just to make sure I get there.

Although to be honest, making it into work is the least of my anxieties. Once I do arrive at work I will wait with my coworkers. As we go about taking care of our patients we will be waiting and watching and praying for a quiet, calm day. On a this unprecedented day few will recognize or understand what those of us in law enforcement and health care know. There is a monster lurking in our country. A monster that seeks to destroy us for no other reason other than we were born in the United States of America.

I spoke with my family on the very real possibility "an event" could occur. I set in place the communication plan I would use if something were to happen. I didn't incite fear or attempt to be melodramatic. I'm simply realistic in this post September 11th world. Realistic in a way only one who has cared for terrorism victims and war wounded can be.

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Anonymous said...

I think you're wrong on that one Ms. Clara. I don't think anyone in the world hates me because of where I was born. (Except maybe some folks in Texas who seemed to take exception to the fact that I was born in Brooklyn.) Having read "Imperial Hubris" and "Through Our Enemies Eyes", I'm more inclined to believe that those who hate us, hate us because we have stood by and allowed people to do really terrible things in our name.


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