Wednesday, June 11, 2008

General housekeeping comments for the folks that read this

Hello all, I would like to say from the sunny state of Oregon, but that ain't quite the truth, it is not so sunny here.

I have had the pleasure of allowing Clara Hart to post blogs on here for the last several months, and have enjoyed reading what she wrote. So have other people based upon what I have seen.

Some of you may have different opinions, and being Americans we of course feel that if we have them we must share them. That is fine, I think that makes discourse and discourse is what allows democracy to survive. However, just so you know I reserve the right to post comments as I see fit.
If you are mean spirited, I might post your comment just to allow other people to see how mean spirited you are. If you are friendly then I will post as well. I am the person who receives the notification of a comment. It doesn't go straight to the board, if it did, I would end up having 900 numbers posted on the comments and I have already been there and done that, so, again, I receive an email, and publish those comments that are available as long as they are germane to the topic and don't cause me concern over safety.

So, Mrs. Soldierswife1984, your comments have been reviewed today and published today. Great. Fantastic in fact. I published your comments because the first one while fairly negative, is certainly your opinion. Of course in the second comment you resorted to essentially attack language. Here is my thought for you, you are registered for gmail, go ahead and post a blog, let's see what you think and how you think. If you are a fair minded, intelligent person, that will come through, if you are reactionary and caustic, that will come through as well. I say that knowing that you have been to the Fisher House for a reason, which means that you must have a loved one, who has gone forward into harms way, and been injured in a significant manner. My sympathies for your husbands injuries and I hope that he is doing as well as he can be.

Understand though, that you don't have any more valid point of view on Clara Hart than I do, and neither of us have met her, so before you go throwing stones in a personal manner, I would suggest you figure out how to identify what things bothered you, and if possible post a different point of view, devoid of personal attacks.

Okay, I normally don't write on this much anymore, because I don't have a great deal of very interesting things to talk about, and so I will stop for now, let me know what you would like written about.


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Don said...

What happened to April and May?