Saturday, November 24, 2007


I have seen many things occur at work but none so completely sending me into such a total outrage as the ones I have witnessed in the past few months. People are stealing from our wounded troops! Yesterday it was a laptop taken while a soldier was in the bathroom, this particular soldier had lost a leg while serving his country in Iraq. Someone knocked on his door then brazenly walked in and walked out, computer in tow. This soldier, although unable, wanted immediate discharge from the hospital and I can not say I blame him one bit.

Most people do not realize it but laptop computers and internet access are vital to our wounded troops. The world wide web is a means for these wounded warriors to keep in contact with their fellow brothers in arms still in the battle. It is a way for them to communicate with the outside world while trapped in the hospital bed.

I have heard of food, coins, DVD players, radios, and even Purple Hearts being stolen. Someone swiped a portable DVD player being used as a temporary means of escape by 2 young children. Two children who sat with their mother at their gravely injured father's bedside.

I simply CAN NOT believe the audacity of our citizens. To steal from those who have given and lost so much! What is wrong with people? Someone please explain to me the mindset of those who would do such things because I surely do not understand! It makes me sick!!!

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