Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not Quite a month home updates

Well it has been a month almost since I stepped off the plane.
I was met by my family, most of them anyway, and I met Mike from the paper briefly.
My wife was in the process of recovering from donating a Kidney, and in my book that trumps being gone for a year. She is doing well, and things are going great for the recipient as well.
I spent about a week just spending time with my wife, and then got some bad news.

One of my teammates from Shindand had been KIA. He was a great guy, and it is truly a sad thing for all that knew him especially his family.

There are a list of honey do's that need to be taken care of here, but I am working on them. My daughter moved out into an apartment, even though I assured her I do conduct personal hygiene on a regular basis.

Today it is supposed to hit 100 or so degree's and my plans are to subdue the wild bass, then off to other things.

As of today, I don't know what unit I will be working with for the next while, there is a list of things that I don't know really, which I guess if not par for the course is what reality brings.


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