Sunday, October 08, 2006

8 October 2006

Have you ever wondered how long you could carry on a conversation utilizing quotes from movies? No deep thoughts here, just a question. It could almost be a code, might be kind of fun. Anyway, what brought that up was a completely funny book that my folks sent me. “Bloodsucking Fiends… a love story” by Christopher Moore. Damn funny. Who wouldn’t like a red haired green eyed recently vampirized vampire? Anyway if you have time for a little humor, not much of it politically correct, but quite capable of allowing you to finish the book in a day or two, I would recommend it. It definitely left me wanting to read the next book, unfortunately I don’t know if he continues that character set into another book or not.

I get to go on pass!!!!!! I have been here for three months, I have been feeling the need to get back away in order to evaluate things, and lo and behold, I am going on a pass at the end of this week to some other place in the world I have never been before. Too cool. I will almost be a world traveled traveler at this rate, I have been to Japan for 10 days, Korea for a year or less, Turkey, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Hawaii, Mexico, and now off to some little country in the middle east. Wow. Obviously as an Oregonian, I should have been to Canada by now, that is an oversight, and I will strive to correct it as soon as possible. In a different cardinal direction, I believe I should also enjoy some Australia, both Canada and Australia without uniforms please. The pass is a four day pass but due to the transportation involved, it requires more time than that to take it. I have to say that is a good thing, it would take me two days minimum if everything worked to get from here to Phoenix (Kabul).

Things that happen at home while I am away; Chris may have gotten taller, I am sure he has gained a pound or two, maybe even five, so that would put him at 6’ even I would guess and about 140 on really good day, if he comes in out of the rain and steps right onto the scale. The dogs: Sam is doing her predictable calm stuff, she is getting old, and doesn’t like to be bothered with to much; Abby sounds like she has figured out her job is to keep Sam company; and Chloe has decided to raise as much discontent with our neighbors as possible. This has resulted in remodeled doors, new collars and many discussions, not to mention an anonymous phone call or two. Gotta love that. Steph has moved back into the house in order to attend Portland State University, which is great from all angles I would say; good school, closer to home, better jobs. There might be fewer college parties, however I would guess that since this is the old stomping ground her fun meter is far from zero.

Not all I write in here is going to be what happens here, as I have also realized that what happens here is only part of what happens to me and my family. Things happen because I am gone that wouldn’t. Or they happen differently because I am not there to take part in them. Some of that is good, some is bad, and most of it makes me want to be home to be a part of it. Not to get all homesick on you.

I have also realized that what I might be firmly convinced of this month or last may change 50 or 180 degrees by the time I get to come home for good. The question in my mind is; is one answer more correct than the other? Or are they both correct for different reasons? Much to ponder. Anyway I guess my point here is, I probably don’t have the school book solution to much of anything here, and I question if the school book was written with this in mind as well. So for the next little while we will move through doing the right thing at the time, hoping that it holds up over time.

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